About Whiskey Suitcase

photographic portrait of a brunette woman with wavy hair, standing aginst a brick wall with a splash of sun hitting one side of her face

I make things because I have restless hands.

Hello, I'm Hannah. I live in Philadelphia. I'm a freelance graphic designer. My ultimate goals involve moving into product design and getting a masters degree in industrial design...so sometimes I might have more than just paper goods, stickers, and pins for sale. Follow the shop on Instagram or sign up for the email list so you'll be first to know when new products drop.

When I'm not designing for corporate clients, I lean towards an aesthetic that is bold but nostalgic. Some of my art and design icons are: Barbra Kruger, Jenny Holzer, and Douglas Coupland. I draw inspiration from vintage print advertising as well as the postmodern artists and architects such as Etorre Sottsass, Dorothy Hafner, the Geurrilla Girls, and more.