What is Rent Party?

What is Rent Party?

words on 2 lines reading: Rent Party by WHISKEY SUITCASE
When I started Whiskey Suitcase, I made products that made me laugh. Often Philadelphia themed, and primarily featuring words you don't want your kids to say or read...
As time went on, I knew I wanted to grow Whiskey Suitcase, and I knew that meant appealing to a larger audience. There are plenty of Philly-niched merch makers, sure, but they are typically excellent illustrators...and I am not. So I decided I would need to make things that could appeal to people from all over, of all tastes, and maybe even *weren't* offensive [GASP].
earrings made of pink and black acrylic. the pink part is shaped like cowboy hats and the black is hearts, which the hats dangle from.dangly two-tier earrings in blue tones. The top charm is a midcentury "boomerang" shape and below that is hanging a starburst in lighter blue.
The acrylic earrings I started making were an instant crowd favorite, and to be honest they didn't even fit in with the rest of the key chains, stickers, and other random jawns on my website at the time. So I started calling them "Rent Party" as a sub-brand within the Whiskey Suitcase family. Rent Party acknowledges that if I want to make something substantial out of my efforts here, I need to get out of my own way and offer things that are fun for everyone, not just my own weird sense of humor and snark.

And you know what? It is WORKING! Thanks to the Rent Party jewelry line, Whiskey Suitcase has grown from a silly little hobby my boyfriend rolled his eyes at, to a reliable part of my monthly income.

So there you have it. Sometimes you have to look beyond your own personal desire to be funny and a smartass, and think a little bigger about what clever and unique things you can bring to life for people who don't live inside your head to enjoy.
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