Bestsellers, Flops, and Things In Between

Bestsellers, Flops, and Things In Between

I don't know about you, but 2023 was a real rollercoaster for me.

In my personal life, I accepted a full time job offer, which surprisingly enough freed up more time and resources for my WhiskeySuitcase life.

While I started the year with the same Philly-centric and smartass keychains and sticker jawns I started this project with, I am ending this year with an entirely new (additional) product line and a growing fanbase across both Etsy and IG: Rent Party.

Because we all love a year-end recap, here are some Whiskey Suitcase stats for you to enjoy!

New Products Launched 2023

  1. Executive Producer Dick Wolf Keychain
  2. JAWNS/Jaws Gritty-- Magnet version
  3. Supreme Court Tote
  4. [Not a] Coke Mirror Keychain
  5. Mind Your Own Gender Enamel Pin
  6. I Brake for Cute Dogs Bumper Stickers
  7. "CREAM: Children Ruin Everything Around Me" tanks and tees
  8. "White Supremacy is Weak" bumper stickers, hoodies, and anti-hate Philly stickers
  9. David Bowie-inspired lightning earrings (Rent Party)
  10. Gold Lightning Stud Earrings (Rent Party)
  11. Dangly Lightning Sparkle Earrings (Rent Party)
  12. Glitter Dangly Cheese Earrings (Rent Party)
  13. Pink Mirror Lightning Bolts Earrings (Rent Party)
  14. Kit Cat Clock Earrings (Rent Party)
  15. Mid-Century Boomerang and Starburst Shapes Earrings (Rent Party)
  16. Barbie Pink Cowboy Hat Earrings (Rent Party)
  17. Naughty Boh Pint Glasses
  18. FAFO Drinkware & Pint Glasses
  19. Naughty Boh Cold Drink Tumblers
  20. Halloween Earrings: Bats & Ghosts (Rent Party)

2023 Best Sellers by Units

(Online only: Etsy and Shopify combined, but NOT incuding craft fairs/IRL events)

  1. Gritty/JAWNS Stickers: 25 orders
  2. F the PPA Keychains: 24 units
  3. Kit Cat Clock Earrings: 23 pairs
  4. F the Patriarchy Keychains: 17 units
  5. F the HOA Keychains: 7 units

red glittery keychain that says Fuck the HOA in formal script, with a border of white flowers
dangly black and white plastic earrings that look like a retro cat clock with separate swinging tail pieces

2023 Best Sellers by Revenue

(Online only: Etsy and Shopify combined, but NOT incuding craft fairs/IRL events)

  1. Kit Cat Clock Earrings: $515
  2. F the PPA Keychains: $236
  3. F the Patriarchy Keychains: $171
  4. Gritty/JAWNS Stickers: $81
  5. F the HOA Keychains: $76


2023 Top Flops (Zero Units Sold Online or in Person)

  1. White Supremacy is Weak products
  2. Supreme Court names tote
  3. Naughty Boh cold drink tumblers

2023 Misleading Interest

People raved about these and LOL'd in approval when the product was sneak peeked, but disappointingly, very few actually sold.

  • Cheese Earrings (sold 1-2 pairs at vending events IRL, zero online)
  • CREAM Children Ruin Everything Around Me shirts/tanks (sold a few online, maybe 2-3 units)
  • Bowie Inspired Lightning Bolt earrings (sold 2 pairs via instagram DM's but none online or at events)
  • Executive Producer Dick Wolf Keychains (sold well at events but did not get many online orders despite uproarious approval by the IG audience)
  • Mind Your Own Gender Enamel Pins (sell well at events in person, but none sold online)
  • [Not a] Coke Mirror Keychains (sell TOO WELL in person at bars, but not online or during daytime vending events...)

Are any of these surprising to you? What do you think 2024 will bring?

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