This product design is straight out of my boring daily life.

I was running some errands and saw a ridiculous sticker on an older BMW, very clearly part of the 1990's No Fear "thing."

I really wanted to riff off that to say something completely contradictory to that whole movement...So I came up with the real F word....Feelings!

I started really simple by creating the word "Feelings" in the No Fear type face, and worked my way up to a full design that would look great on just about anything.

I found this t-shirt from the 1990's that I modeled the rest of the graphic on.

A white t-shirt that reads "No Fear" in big letters and a subtitle line that says "If it were just about attitude everyone would have it."

I started with simple block colors in a color scheme that was more muted than the original palette, but was pleasing to my eye that day.


I ended up changing the 2nd line of text a few times before settling on "A little therapy goes a long way."

Then I filled out/added some dynamism to the interior of the graphics with a halftone pattern, better block shadows, and created 2 colorways:

And there you have it!

I knew from the beginning that this would be the perfect graphic for a mug because no adult I can think of would wear a t-shirt with a graphic this bold and garish, but bold coffee mugs are always really popular gifts and such.

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