Behind the art...Community Killer

Behind the art...Community Killer


This sticker design was actually my very first sticker!

It was 2020, and I lived directly across the street from a small coffee shop, which had only been open a couple years prior to the pandemic. The shop shut down much longer than most small businesses in the wake of the quarantine lockdowns, but they finally reopened sometime in the fall of 2020. 

Knowing how hard the skeleton crew staff and owner were all working, and how much of a hit they took being closed so long, I made it a point to buy my coffee there a few times a week. 

So one day, I was walking on the sidewalk and saw that someone who lived next door to me, so also directly across the street from the cafe, had bought a new Keurig, as evidenced by the brand new box in their trash/recycling bin on the curb in advance of garbage collection. 

At a time when we had lost so much community, and the local coffee shop was struggling to hold on, folks were going out of their way to add new objects into their life that help isolate them from having to interact with their neighbors. 

It just made my blood BOIL. 

And I get the whole COVID thing, I do! Of course in fall of 2020 people wanted to avoid stranger danger interactions as much as possible, there were no vaccines or effective treatments...nothing. Nonetheless, as a former barista at small coffee shops myself, I wanted to make something that shows where I stand on the Keurig vs cafe issue. 

This sticker was really popular right away, and some people even ordered 5 or 10 of them, to put up in their own communities. 

I try to keep 1 or 2 in my wallet at all times, and when I visit a coffee shop I haven't been to before that seems to have a good thing going, building a community and such, I like to give one to whoever rang me up or made my drink. It's always a huge hit and usually they want to know where they can get more. 

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