Are Philadelphians Rude?

Are Philadelphians Rude?

This headline was getting passed around on social media this summer, and it was bringing all of Philadelphia together in agreement- Don't talk sh*t about Philly!

I wanted to make something that enabled people to celebrate that headline offline, while using visual cues to reference the original source, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

I found a serif font that reminded me of well-established print publications that take themselves quite seriously, because that just screams "Headline type."

The attribution of "--Whiny Babies" is in a semi-hand-drawn styled font, resembling marker strokes. 

I made the attribution in red for contrast, but more intentionally it catches the viewer's eye first, and the viewer is likely to read the top line "Philadelphians are rude" second, and then read it all together only on the 3rd read.

I chose bumper stickers for this one because I thought the copy lended itself well to a statement made in traffic where no one can do or say shit about if they are insulted, but then added it to t-shirts since I know my fellow Philadelphians absolutely DO love rocking a mildly offensive t-shirt if it's in celebration of Philly.


Before I settled on this design, I also experimented with another alternate format. Here is the behind the scenes outtake:

I didn't love that one as much, as I expect the format of No One: ______, Someone: __________ will probably die out soon enough, and that internet meme format would make no sense to an objective observer 10 years from now.

So that's it! That's how this one came to be!

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